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Evolution ~ New Moon Ceremony

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This Monthly Ceremony is an intentional container for practice and growth. We will tune into the New Moon Chart, Michelle will offer a Transmission on the Lunar Cycle. There will be a special teaching on the Moon, Evolution through the Emotional body. You don't have to want to be an Astrologer to join the group, in our container we will bring forth the Individual callings of our Soul Path and focus on the Practice, the Evolving and the Insight to see Clearly with Love. Ceremonies are 90 min, Date & Times to be set by the New Moon date, Transmissions will be recorded and the Group will be receiving special guidance transmission for each month. The time for Personal Sharing During the Ceremony will be kept private, to live attendees only and not Recorded. Join me each month for The Month Ahead, a full Transmission for the Month Ahead. Includes Access to the Live call, the Recording, and the Live New Moon Ceremony during the month is included all for $15 a Month or $120 for the Year if you pay in full. New Moon Dates for 2024 Capricorn ~ Jan 11th Aquarius ~Feb 9th Pisces ~ March 10th Aries ~April 8th Taurus ~May 8th Gemini ~June 6th Cancer~July 5th Leo~ Aug 4th Virgo ~Sept 3rd Libra~Oct 3rd Scorpio~Nov 1st Sagittarius~Dec 1st ​ Each transmission is focused on the theme for the month, including astrology on the month ahead and teaching on the Moon for the Month (After 12 Months we will have a complete library of Moon signs which you can access and listen to anytime. 🪐⚡️Learn about the Planetary energy, Learn about the Goddesses, Follow the Moon & her phases, and Deepen in your own growth with Astrology 😍🤩If you LOVE Astrology this is a great way to learn about the Transits, Build Community and Set intentions every month for your own Soul Growth. Join me for the Evolution Student membership for $15 a month or Upgrade to the Growing Together Group and you get monthly semi-private mentoring with Me, in a small Group container.

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