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Soul Evolution ~ Pluto into Aquarius


Welcome to Soul Evolution! Thank you for choosing to Join me on this Healing Journey!!! Healing is a choice, Evolution is a Choice and Cooperation with the divine is a Choosing!!! When we consciously choose this path it is not easy, but the way is opened for us and the assistance we need to forge ahead is given to us. We can be thankful that we are not alone on this soul journey and find joy in doing this work together! We can meet the deepest parts of ourselves, Laugh, cry and carry on with Loving life. Over the monthly classes we will explore the Evolutionary journey of Pluto into Aquarius ~taking a deep look at healing shame, guilt, fear and rage. We will look at our charts and identify the core soul work, the deep desires and growth of our Pluto.

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 Soul Evolution Journey

Soul Evolution Journey

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