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Download Shelem - The Most Popular Card Game in Iran APK

Shelem APK: A Fun and Challenging Card Game for Android

If you are looking for a card game that can test your memory, reasoning, and strategy skills, you might want to try Shelem APK. Shelem is a Persian trick-taking card game that has been played for centuries in Iran and other parts of the world. It is similar to Spades and Hokm, but with more variations and challenges. In this article, we will introduce you to the game of Shelem, its rules, its popularity, and its benefits. We will also show you how to download and install Shelem APK on your Android device, and give you some tips and strategies for playing it.

What is Shelem?

Shelem is a card game that involves four players in two partnerships, bidding and competing against each other. The game uses a standard 52-card deck, with the cards ranked from high to low as A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. The game has three main aspects: bidding, trump, and trick-taking.

shelem apk

The origin and history of Shelem

The word Shelem comes from the French word chelem, which means slam in English. Slam is a term used in trick-taking games such as Bridge, Spades, and Whist, which means winning all the tricks in a round. The game of Shelem is believed to have originated in Iran, where it is also known as Rok or Rokm. It is possible that the game was influenced by the American game Rook, which has a similar name and point structure. However, it is not clear which game came first or how they are related.

The rules and variations of Shelem

The basic rules of Shelem are as follows:

  • Each player receives 12 cards in batches of 4. The remaining 4 cards form a widow, to be taken by the player who makes a contract.

  • Starting with the eldest hand, the players bid (in multiples of 5) for the privilege of taking the widow and making trumps. The minimum bid is 100, and there are 165 points in the game. A player who does not want to overbid the previous bid may pass, but cannot bid again later in the same round.

  • The highest bidder becomes the declarer, takes up the widow, and discards 4 cards face down to return to the original number of cards (12). The discarded pile becomes the declarer's team's first trick (including any points).

  • The declarer leads to the first trick. The suit of the card led becomes the trump suit. The remainder of the deal is played according to the standard trick-play rules as in Whist or Hokm.

  • The cards discarded by the highest bidder count for declarer's party as in most comparable games, or for the winner of the last trick as in Rook.

  • Each party makes the card-points in tricks won plus 5 points for every trick. If declarer's party is successful, they score what they made, or 330 points if they win all tricks (i.e., achieve a shelem or slam). If they are not successful, they lose what they bid, doubled if they make less than their opponents. The opponents always score precisely what they made. There's no penalty for scoring points above the bid amount.

There are also some variations of Shelem that can make the game more interesting and challenging. For example:

Instead of declaring trumps with the first card played, declarer may also choose one of the following modes of play:

  • In the Nares variation, the hierarchy of cards in trick-play is reversed and there are no trumps.

  • Ace-Nares is similar to Nares, but the ace is the highest card in each suit.

  • King-Nares is similar to Nares, but the king is the highest card in each suit.

  • King-Ace-Nares is similar to Nares, but the king and ace are the highest cards in each suit, with the king being higher than the ace.

  • King-Ace is similar to King-Ace-Nares, but there are trumps.

  • Instead of bidding in multiples of 5, players may bid any number between 100 and 165. The bid must be higher than the previous bid or equal to it plus one trick. For example, if the previous bid was 120, the next bid can be 121 or higher.

  • Instead of using a standard 52-card deck, players may use a 32-card deck, with cards from 2 to 6 removed. The game is then played with 8 cards per player and no widow.

The popularity and benefits of Shelem

Shelem is a popular card game in Iran and among Iranians living abroad. It is also played in other countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Armenia. Shelem is often played as a social game among friends and family, or as a competitive game in tournaments and clubs. Shelem is also a game that can improve your mental skills and abilities, such as:

  • Memory: You need to remember the cards that have been played and the cards that are still in your hand.

  • Reasoning: You need to analyze the situation and make logical decisions based on the available information.

  • Strategy: You need to plan your moves ahead and anticipate your opponents' actions.

  • Cooperation: You need to work with your partner and communicate effectively.

  • Risk management: You need to balance between taking risks and playing safely.

What is Shelem APK?

Shelem APK is an Android application that allows you to play Shelem on your smartphone or tablet. It is developed by Amin Rezaei, an Iranian software engineer and game developer. Shelem APK has many features and advantages that make it a great choice for Shelem lovers. Here are some of them:

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The features and advantages of Shelem APK

Some of the features and advantages of Shelem APK are:

  • It is free to download and play. You don't need to pay anything to enjoy this game.

  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate through the menus and options.

  • It has a realistic and attractive design. You can choose from different card backs and table backgrounds.

  • It has a smart and challenging AI. You can play against three computer opponents with different levels of difficulty.

  • It has a multiplayer mode. You can play online with other players from around the world, or offline with your friends using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • It has a leaderboard and achievements system. You can track your progress and compare your scores with other players.

  • It has a chat feature. You can chat with other players during the game or send them emojis.

  • It has a tutorial and help section. You can learn how to play Shelem or review the rules and variations anytime.

The download and installation process of Shelem APK

The download and installation process of Shelem APK is very easy and fast. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to [this link] on your Android device's browser. This will take you to the Google Play Store page of Shelem APK.

  • Tap on the Install button. This will start downloading the app on your device.

  • Wait for the download to finish. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

  • Tap on the Open button. This will launch the app on your device.

  • Enjoy playing Shelem APK!

The tips and strategies for playing Shelem APK

If you want to improve your skills and win more games in Shelem APK, here are some tips and strategies you can use:

  • Bid wisely. Don't bid too high or too low. Consider your hand strength, your partner's signals, and your opponents' bids before making a decision.

  • Play trumps carefully. Don't waste your trumps on low cards or tricks that you can win without them. Save your trumps for important tricks or to cut your opponents' suits.

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