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Master Chess Endgames with this Android App

With either type, set it up with a 10, 20, or 30 minute clock and practice it with someone. I've done this a few times in "dead" drawn endgames with a stronger player... and I've lost! Which is always a very good lesson for me.

Unfortunately computers aren't very good at endgames. But if the endgame is tactical or lends itself to calculation then computers can be a good partner. This is a small percentage of endgames though.

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I suggest you study one technique/concept at a time. You should know all the basic mates and understand all the important principles of king and pawn endgames, then move on to more complex endgames with pieces.

i haven't yet read a book about endgames but intend to soon, for me the best way to learn more about them has been to play out seemingly drawn positions and not just agree to draws because material is equal.

- And wonderful website "" : it provides with many endgame practice options (technique practice, endgame challenge in 32 rounds, "save the queen" quest , etc...). The MOST complete endgame practice website i found so far ! (with free or premium membership)

Alberturkey and virtualsight 7 lomonosov tablebase is a good andriod tablebase though not completely free but u can practice few basic positions and even set-up few. have few tutorials on endgames. Mandy711 as for KBN vs K mate engine without tablebase have ever failed, i was amazed to see to watch a 4 min engine game where Stockfish 7 failed to mate in 50 moves against fritz 13.

It will also help you solve endgame problems which will show you the best way to solve these problems. Aside from that, it will also guide you through the concepts and skills that will help you get higher in chess and win more games.

This is my son's account. He is in 2nd grade and rated about 1400 USCF. Yesterday he drew a won endgame, and lost 2 other from equal positions. 2 were rook + many pawns, another was K + pawns, with some doubled pawns. The other kids were older, and just seemed to have more experience with such situations, and it showed.

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Search "chess endgame training" in the app store on your son's iPad. There are a couple of free ones: Chess Endgame Trainer and Swift Chess: Endgame Puzzles. I haven't tried them so can't give a recommendation.

IMBacon: agree - he does play endgames with his coach OTB, But frankly, he is so busy (I know, it's harder to be an 8 year old than it was when I was that age) with sports and school he has to squeeze chess in on car rides, at the airport, etc. Having a good Ipad app is key, or else he will literally not do any chess in those windows. BTW, I just ran his games from the last tourney through the analyzer - his final game was his cleanest ever: 55 excellent, 2 good moves. I am sure it is a large part luck,but it's definitely the first one he's played OTB with no inaccuracies . . .

Practice a variety of well organized endgames. From the most elementary to the most complex, you can practice until you master all the engame types.The application organizes the positions in basics (queen, a rook, two rooks), pawns, bishops, knights, rooks and queen. For each type it provides multiple positions to practice.Do you resist the endings with two bishops, or pawns ...? Now you can practice those endings that are more difficult to master them all forever.It includes 3384 positions organized into 8 categories and 129 subcategories, so you can easily find the type of endgame you want to practice.Play against the syzygy tablebases or against the stockfish engine - when there are more than 7 pieces.The application records your personal record in each position. It also allows you to solve each position automatically and review the movements once completed.It includes challenges of mate and also of draw, for both white and black.

Description:Total Chess Endings course composed by GM Alexander Panchenko. It's aim is to educate a student the intricacies of the endgame via a theoretical section, which includes over 600 games/lectures, each of them illustrating theoretical and practical endgame strategies, and training section, with e...

Description:This coaching course is a particular subset of well-known CT-ART course, based on finest chess research, especially chosen for their instructive worth. There is simply no substitute for the ease and quality of the research introduced, not to point out their everlasting beauty. Endgam...

Description:This chess course is aimed at the club and intermediate gamers and presents the theory and playing hooks in Open Games, appearing after strikes 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 three.Bc4. The course presents the overview of the precise variants and 630 workout routines for clear up.This course is in...

Total Chess Training consists of five magnificent educational programs: Chess Tactics Art 3.0; Strategy 2.0; Encyclopedia of Middlegame; Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders; Studies 2.0 with new printing possibilities, covering every phase or aspect of chess:

Altogether Total Chess Training includes more than 9000 commented games and positions to be solved for chess players with ELO rating from 1800 to 2400!Total Chess Training is the product of the best Russian chess instructors' efforts. Take advantage of their training and knowledge now, and raise your playing level to a new standard.

With Puzzle Academy, you can now practice endgames with a large number of examples, honing your endgame skills until they become second nature. This is much more effective than just reading about endgames in a book and hoping to remember the key concepts in the heat of a game.

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