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A Little Venus Update

🌿🌻 A Little Venus Update 🌿🌻

Venus is in the sign of Gemini, perfecting an Inconjunct to the South Node today & Squaring Saturn

🌿🌻We are reconciling the past, the patterns that have hindered our growth

🌿🌻Where we have limited our beauty, power and stifled our voice in the face of the approval that was put in place of love

🌿🌻 Liberation is in the air, it's not just about rebellion, its about reclaiming the desire, the heart, the wild original self that knows its worth and value from source

🌿🌻 Eclipse season is opening up a container of change, shifting and alchemizing the patterns of the past

🌿🌻 When we are on the other side of this the conditions will be different ~ Change is certain my friends

Join me for Love Evolution ~ 6 monthly classes, New Moon Ceremonies, and deep heart centered transmissions on Venus and Pluto, $222 for New Students

🌿🌻Lean in to the Growing Edge together Class begins with the New Moon Eclipse transmission Next Week and the container closes on April 22nd.

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