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Balancing Light and Dark: A Solstice of Creative Illumination

In this video I tune into the Astrology of the Solstice, and the Midpoint of the Year 2023. The Solstice is the Point when the Sun ingresses in to the Cardinal sign of Cancer, the shifting of Seasons ( Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere). It's a time of shifting Light, where we go from Peak Brightness to Darkness and back again from Solstice to Equinox (equal day/night) to Solstice.

This particular Solstice on June 21st, is a powerful one of Creative Actualization. Whatever Soul growth we have been experiencing this past year is about to deepen over the summer of intense retrogrades, in the middle of Pluto squaring the nodal axis. This Solstice is like a Super charged New Moon, with the Moon, Venus and Mars in Leo ~ a sign all about Joy, and Creative self-Expression. What we repress gets expressed as Stress, Anger or Depression, and what We express becomes our Art, our Emotions or Self Expression...

Your Life is your work of Art, your Blank Canvas, what will you Create from this point Forward!

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