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Capricorn New Moon Ceremony & Transmission

This is the Transmission & New Moon Ceremony of the Capricorn Moon. As the final new moon of 2022, I am offering this transmission freely to share the reflections, building and growth of this time. This is a time to take stock, to walk through our lives seeing with self honesty, acceptance and love, where we are and what we have grown in. Our strength and challenges are blossoming through the failures and soul growth of these times.

Blessings on the New Moon! May your intentions, prayers, and desires be received in the new year in body, mind, heart & soul.

You can join me for the Month Ahead transmission beginning Friday Dec 30th, details and registration for the Evolution Student Membership details can be found here. The Evolution Student Membership includes access to a Month Ahead transmission, the Monthly New Moon ceremony and the Student Q&A all for $11 a month.

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