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Eclipse Check in & Special Pop up Live Readings

In this video Michelle talks about...the being in the middle of eclipse season, and walking the path of healing.This Friday I'm offering a special pop up Live Reading session for all of my existing clients & students, if you've had a session with me or you have been in one of my classes, please join me, details are in the link below

The Live Reading Pop up is a space for Existing Clients and Students to Pop on live with Michelle and ask Questions about your life/natal chart, in an open session container. You must be an existing client or student and open to recieving guidance, exploring natal chart dynamics in a small /semi private container. (Please do not buy a ticket if I have not worked with you in any container, but feel free to book a session or join a future class series) Your question can be 1-2 things in the Natal chart, current Transits or current Evolutionary journey. 

You are welcome to stay for the entire session time to learn from others, bear witness to the charts and share in the healing. Buy your Session Pass here:

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