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Foundations of Astrology ~REPLAY & Sign up info

In this Master Class we will look at the Foundation of Astrology, and learn:

  • What Astrology is? and how do we use it?

  • What is different about Evolutionary Astrology?

  • How to look at your Natal Chart?

  • Introduction to Houses, Signs and Planets

This class is an introduction to the upcoming Class Series, Getting to the Heart of Your Natal Chart, and will include an understanding of how we will look at and learn Astrology together. In getting to the Heart of your Natal Chart, we will practically apply all the aspects of the Foundations of Astrology to bring this to life with your own Natal Chart. In our Monthly Small group practice we will break down, step by step the foundational elements of your natal chart.

You will receive hands on one on one teaching with Michelle, along with the invitation to be in a personal process of Self Discovery in a safe and loving course of learning & exploration. Each Monthly Teaching class will explore a Polarity in the Chart, A Planetary Pair and Sign Pair, for example Aries & Libra ~ Venus & Mars Pisces & Virgo ~ Mercury & Neptune We will also cover, the Pluto Paradigm, intro to EA and the Nodes of the Moon, along with the Angles in the Natal chart.

Monthly Pay option $65 a month or Full Pay $333 with Discount for Enrollment before June 1

*Existing students in Growing together or Goddess within Class series can use the code: study to take 40% off enrollment before June 1

If you need a scholarship or financial assistance please email me

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