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Free Class ~Introduction to Planetary Pairs in Evolutionary Astrology

In this free Introduction class, taught by Kristin Fontana, Ari Moshe Wolfe and joined by Rose Marcus, Jason Holley, Bradley Naragon and Rav Chahal, we delved deeply into the meaning of the 8 phases according the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green.

This class was an intro class in preparation for the upcoming monthly class series on Planetary Pairs hosted by the JWG Association of Evolutionary Astrologers.

Learn More & Sign up for the Planetary Pairs class series here:

In Evolutionary Astrology, planetary pairs correspond to the essential and archetypal relationship between any two planets in the natal chart. Each planetary pair manifests relative to one another in a particular phase of development. There are 8 phases within a 360 degree cycle, within which manifest all the planetary aspects. The specific phase, as well as the potential aspect, between any two planets corresponds to the developmental intentions intended in the current life relative to those two planets. Understanding the phases is a necessary starting point from which we can then begin to understand the specific relationship between any two planets in the natal chart.

The entire Planetary Pairs Class Series is available to new & renewing members for $99, which includes all 7 live Planetary Pairs classes and a complete workbook for each pair. All live classes will be 90 min plus time for Q&A and will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the Month at 11am PST. Live Attendance is not required. All classes will be recorded and the replay and recordings are included. Class Begins December 9th at 11am PST with Kristin Fontana & Rose Marcus teaching on Pluto Mars

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