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Jupiter in Taurus: The Source of Resource

Updated: May 18, 2023


Jupiter enters Taurus tomorrow, and we will spend the next 12 months Expanding the Taurus part of your chart, including a retrograde time which begins Sept 4th and will travel the same degrees that Mercury just walked back through 5 to 15 taurus.

In this Master class you will Learn from a former Financial Planner turned Astrologer, where the Source of Resource is in the Natal Chart Including:

  • The core Houses that reflect sources of Wealth, Abundance and issues with Money

  • The Planetary ruler that relate to finances, income and things we own

  • The Evolutionary Process brought forward by the Transit of Jupiter in Taurus

  • The Retrograde time of Jupiter & Mercury as they relate to finances, resources and changes in the collective

  • The opportunity to apply the teachings to your personal chart (Live presence required for Chart practice)

The Live class will be on May 30th at 11am PST-1pm PST, 90 min of transmission & teaching with Personal chart practice, and an Abundance Ritual for the Jupiter in Taurus season.

This Master class is being offered on a Pay what you can tier ~

Regenerator ~ $111

Sustainer ~ $77

Foundation~ $33

You determine the price based on your Resources, your Means and Access to Income. Evolution Students, Soul Apprentice & Love Evolution students use the code: GOLD for 11% off of any tier. If money is an issue, reach out, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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