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Love Evolution Begins Today

Love Evolution is Required

With Pluto in Aquarius we are all on the program of a Collective Evolution. Aquarius being ruled by Uranus is about "freedom from the known" as Jeffrey Wolf Green says. Uranus has been moving thru taurus for several years already and the North Node is wrapping up an 18 month cycle in Taurus, all Ruled by Venus.

All things point back to Love, to Venus, to the feminine awakening to a new relationship to what we Value, what we Love & what we grow during the Soul Lesson time on Earth.

This is about transforming the "Utopia" of Love, the vision, the ideals and the Reality of what we experience in Life. Something has to change.

LOVE is guiding us to change the way we show up in relationship, to ourselves first, then to the other. So that we can actually LOVE each other, not the distorted trauma induced attachments to form and control, REAL TRUE LOVE, rooted in Truth, Honesty and Transparency that allows ALL OF US TO BE LOVED AS WE ARE.

Letting go is part of the process, Pluto is pushing that shadow up to the Light to be seen. Opening to Vulnerability is part of the Process. Shedding ancient family trauma, karmas, attachments and wounding to reveal a whole and complete being able to give and receive Love freely is part of the process.

The next 6 Months is the Crucible, the Alchemical process where lead becomes Gold, where Fear & Attachment becomes Heart and Soul Centered LOVE, real Love, the kind of Love and Marriage that Soul Union recognizes in truth. I am ME. You Are YOU and WE ARE LOVE.

You can still join me today for the Live Free introduction to LOVE Evolution, I will introduce the Venus Pluto Cycle for the Next 6 Months and Invite you to join me in the Crucible, to Open the Feminine heart to Love, True Love.

Watch the Live Transmission replay from today's class Introducing the Love Evolution journey

Love Evolution ~ Awakening the Heart to Love
This 6 month Class series will tune into the Awakening and Healing of the Heart of the Feminine. We will follow the Venus cycles from her conjunction with the North Node to her Retrograde and the Heart of the Pluto Square with the Nodal Access. Each Monthly group class will be 90 min, tuning into the Transit of Venus, the relationship to Pluto transformation and the Awakening of the heart. Every month includes a Live transmission, Chart practice, Embodiment & Heart Coherence.
The Venus Cycles Classes
Gemini ~Apr 22
Cancer ~May 27
Leo ~June 24th
Nodal Sq ~Jul 22
Rx Leo ~Aug 19
All classes are 90 min from 10-11:30am PST on the dates listed. Classes will be recorded and the Group will be receiving special Embodiment & Heart Coherence sessions for each month (dates tbd). The Class series includes Access to the monthly New Moon Ceremony.

$200 for the entire 6 months for Existing Soul Evolution Students, Soul Apprentice and past Class participants. SIGN UP HERE

$222 for New Participants registering before April 1st. Payment plan $48 per month for 5 months. Price goes up after April 1st. SIGN UP HERE

Scholarship?/Payment options available by request. Please email Michelle at 

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