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Love Evolution: Venus & Mars Journey begins tomorrow


The Love Evolution class series is following the Journey of Venus & Mars with a monthly theme for exploration. The Introduction class is Free and covers an overview of the entire transits thru June. Here is a link to the class During their transit journey we will be undergoing a evolutionary transformation in the area of Love, Desire, Partnership and Eros. The Love Evolution class series will offer a deep dive into the Venus and Mars through the signs and Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) with each month featuring an exploration of Love, Desire, Partnership and Eros. This class is open to all genders and sexual orientations, and relationship statuses, inclusive of all the parts of us expressed as divine feminine & divine masculine. Classes will be held on Friday's and I have shifted some of the dates to capture Venus & Mars in the Same sign. ALL classes at 11am PST.-12:30pm PST

  • Friday March 11th ~ Venus & Mars in Aquarius ~ Partnership

  • Friday April 15th ~ Venus & Mars in Pisces ~ Divine Love

  • Friday May 27th ~Venus & Mars in Aries ~ Eros Creative Erotic

  • Friday June 11th ~ Venus in Taurus/Mars in Aries ~ Coming Home

All classes will be recorded and posted on the website under the Love Evolution Membership. Each Month I will create a Video just for you to give an overview of the Theme for the month and Highlight the major transits just for Venus and Mars in that sign. Class is $200 for the entire series or $48 a month on the Love Evolution Membership Each Class will Include teaching on Venus & Mars, the elements Earth, Air, Water & Fire and themes of Love, Partnership, Desire & Eros. There will be a channelled transmission followed by Q&A and discussion/sharing All classes will be recorded and recordings will be posted for participants along with Theme reflections, exercises, personal chart explorations and a playlist for the class. Love Bonus: Price includes access to the monthly New Moon Circle Scholarship Options are Available: Email for more info

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