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Month Ahead: June 2024

In this video Michelle talks about...the month of June 2024: Beginning with the Evolutionary themes of Venus in Gemini, we look at the Venus Sun conjunction (Kazimi) and the New Moon in Gemini. We talk about the evolution of Pluto in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Gemini followed by mercury entering Gemini. There's a Gemini Party most of the month with Venus, the Sun and Mercury all moving to Square Saturn then Neptune before they move into Cancer just before the Solstice. That leads us in to a Cancer time of integration, feeling our insecurities and healing our inner child and needs for care and protection, our vulnerability is hightened during the Capricorn full moon. The end of the month concludes with Saturn station retrograde kicking off the 2nd phase of the year Retrograde summer time review.

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June Monthly Transits

Jun  2

8:12 PM

Jupiter trine Pluto

Jup 1 Gem 53'


Plu 1 Aqu 53'Rx

Jun  3

3:36 AM

Mercury enters Gemini

Mer 0 Gem 00'

Jun  6

8:37 AM

New Moon in Gemini

16 Gem 18'

Jun  9

12:35 AM

Mars enters Taurus

Mar 0 Tau 00'

Jun 14

1:18 AM

First Quarter Moon

23 Vir 40'

Jun 17

2:20 AM

Venus enters Cancer

Ven 0 Can 00'

Jun 17

5:07 AM

Mercury enters Cancer

Mer 0 Can 00'

Jun 19

6:07 PM

Vesta enters Leo

Ves 0 Leo 00'

Jun 20

4:51 PM

Sun enters Cancer

Sun 0 Can 00'

Jun 21

9:08 PM

Full Moon in Capricorn

1 Cap 07'

Jun 28

5:53 PM

Last Quarter Moon

7 Ari 40'

Jun 29

3:06 PM

Saturn Retrograde

Sat 19 Pis 26'Rx

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