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New Year, New Moon, New Nodes, New Tune

This is the Chart of the New Year ~ 7 degrees Libra Rising ruled by Venus retrograde in the 4th House, Moon in Sagittarius and with Jupiter in the 5th. Relationships, Family, Creativity, Eros/Romance, Blessings & Beliefs. These are important themes for the year which I will cover in the New moon ceremony.

Join me this Sunday Jan 2nd at 11am PST for the First New Moon of the Year.

Our New Moon in Capricorn is a powerful start to the New Year. Those who join the Moon Membership will get monthly access to the ceremony, a Free Transform Lunar Planner for 2022 and a Personalized transit report of the Major Transits for 2022. Register Here for the Moon Membership or pick the Drop In Here

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