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ReBecoming the One: Remembering the Heart of the Feminine

ReBecoming the One:

Remembering the Heart of the Feminine

I'm delighted to rejoin Martha Alter Hines and the Amazing group of Humans coming together for the 2nd year of ReBecoming the One: A Collective Gathering to Heal Our Relationships to Gender, Sexuality, Love, and Life Itself

This symposium is an invitation to Healing and Remembering our Oneness

Join us to Co-Create a New World... Do you feel the possibilities of a New World arising in you, arising in your heart, arising in your soul? Do you feel this New World wanting to emerge as you, through you, in community, in our collective? Do you feel the possibility of this new way of being needing a healing of our relationships to gender, sexuality, love, and life itself? We do... We are all in this together. We Need YOU.

Please join us in this beautiful gathering and this beautiful community for an ENTIRE MONTH of free talks, free panel discussions, and many opportunities to go deeper and to connect with each other.

THE SCHEDULE (see below for a detailed schedule) The schedule will be as follows: June 1, 2023: Opening Ceremony and Opening Talks June 5-9, 2023: WEEK ONE: The Divine Feminine June 12-16, 2023: WEEK TWO: The Divine Masculine June 19-23, 2023: WEEK THREE: The Divine Person June 26-30, 2023: WEEK FOUR: Bringing Us All to Wholeness, "Re-Becoming the One"

PRICING This year, as last year, all of the pre-recorded talks and panel discussions will be free and available indefinitely. In addition, in order to support this project and to support the community to connect and to go more deeply into these topics, we are also offering optional paid sharing circles each Wednesday and optional paid workshops each Friday. Please feel free to sign up here for free and also to add on any paid options as they call to you. We have created a bundle option to join all of the paid offerings for a discounted price. Access that here:

We have tried to make the pricing as accessible as possible by offering a sliding scale option. If you are able to pay the full amounts, we deeply appreciate the support. This project is a labor of love that has taken many months of work, so if it feels supportive to you, we truly appreciate support in continuing to do this work. Thank you so much! See below for more information on the schedule and the many ways to be involved **Join Now for a Special Treat of Melanie Reinhart speaking on "A User's Guide to the Astrological Now" as a thank you for joining us!** Last June 2022, 42 speakers and 1400 participants joined together in the first annual Re-Becoming the One symposium. We received feedback from hundreds of you wanting more this year - a next layer of these conversations with more time to slowly digest, dialogue, transform and heal - both individually and as a collective. So we are back! This year, we will be spending four weeks to have time for slow, intentional dialogue, learning, listening, and sharing around various topics related to healing of our relationships to gender and sexuality and healing of ourselves and our world. This year, there will be a handful of new, free talks each week, along with optional sharing circles, a free panel discussion, and optional paid workshops to go deeper. Thank you for joining us....Sign up here:

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