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Right Now, I remember who I am, Love Eternally

❤️Manifesto of the Goddess, the Creative, Woman, Mother, I am Right Now ❤️

❤️Right Now, I am a powerful creative woman, inside of me grows a possibility for a new world.

❤️Right, Now, I connect to the Divine Love of Vision and take action in the direction of a new dream.

❤️Right Now, I create effortlessly, I grow with Ease and Grace.

❤️Right Now, I manifest vision on earth. I listen to the stars and they guide me towards loving alignment with the will of my creator.

❤️Right, Now, I am open to receive love, abundance and financial support from the universe.

Right Now, I am removing the blocks to Love, opening the channel for Grace, Love and Healing to flow through my body, mind, heart and soul.

Right Now I am creating a beautiful home life that supports my creative impulse, allows me space to grow and supports a thriving abundant life.

❤️Right Now I am building a foundation, creating the financial structures that will flow resources to me for expansion of the vision, the healing of Life, money and love for all.

❤️Right Now I have everything I need, I continue to release the old and may way for the new.

❤️Right Now I am deserving of true love and partnership, of Sacred Union and true Marriage of Equals in Unity.

❤️Right Now, I am loving life, experiencing the joy and peace of mind that comes from deep trust and relationship with the creator of all life.

❤️Right Now I am clearing the channel so that Divine Love can have there way with me, flowing rivers of creative energy into the foundation of my life, becoming a model for living in harmony with spirit.

❤️Right Now I attract abundance in all forms, spiritually, materially, in visible and invisible ways.

❤️Right Now I am expanding the possibilities for a new earth, paving the way for Real forms to take root and grow in my life now, everything I touch grows in beauty.

❤️Right Now I am living in integrity, experiencing the Wholeness of who I am in Truth and expressing that fully with Love.

❤️Right Now, I remember WHO I am, Love eternally ❤️





*written by Michelle Dench originally on Nov 27, 2017 ~

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Christiane Dumont
Christiane Dumont
Mar 25, 2022

oh lala, i hear you.

i received a healing session today. (thetahealing). I reprogrammed my cells and tissues, into manifesting, in the present moment, out of any struggle, there is no need to struggle for love or being the light, manifesting joy and beauty without any fear of being rejected, not heard or judged.

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