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Schedule for 2023

Hello Everyone,

For those who are in my Groups and Classes I wanted to provide a clear list of Classes, Sessions and Ceremonies through the End of 2023. Please take Note for some classes I have had to make changes to the original schedule due to unforseen schedule changes. I try to keep it simple and keep to time commitments as much as possible and appreciate your flexibility.

September 2023

22nd ~Love Evolution: Heart Coherence Session 10am PST

29th ~Eclipse Chart Practice 10am -11:30 am PST (RSVP REQUIRED)

October 2023

6th ~Growing Together: 10am PST

9th~Love Evoluion: Virgo Venus 10am PST

20th ~Planetary Dances Master Class - 10-12pm (RSVP REQUIRED)

27th ~Full Moon Ceremony -10am-11:30pm PST

November 2023

3rd ~Growing Together Group 11am PST

10th ~Love Evolution: Libra Venus 10am PST

The Vessel ~ Healing Retreat in Sonoma/Mt.Shasta Nov 10-12th TBA

13th~New Moon Ceremony 10am PST

17th ~Love Evolution Heart Coherence -10am PST

December 2023

1st ~Growing Together 11am PST

8th ~Love Evolution Transmission 10am PST

12th ~New Moon Ceremony 12pm PST

15th~Heart Coherence 10am PST

22nd ~Solstice Ceremony (Year End Blessing) 10am PST

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