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The Vessel ~Healing Ceremony Retreat in Sonoma

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Registration is Now open for the Vessel ~ A Healing Ceremony Retreat

The Vessel ~ Healing Retreat with Michelle & Lily

“There are no accidents in the Universe, only opportunities for evolution”

In this weekend Retreat we will be entering the Vessel, a Sacred Container for Healing and Transformation on the New Moon in Scorpio, with a Grandmother Prayer Circle on 11/11

The Retreat will be held in a Beautiful Temple Space in Sonoma County.

During the Weekend we will be immersed in all elements of the Evolutionary journey of the Soul, all things bringing Healing and Love, including the process of Letting Go and a Ceremony on 11/11 at 11:11am .

Cost $444 for 1 night including meals, overnight and prayer ceremony.

Retreat Schedule

Saturday ~ Sacred Prayer Practice

Morning arrival between 9-10am

10am Morning Session ~ The Vessel ~ Healing Evolution through the Lens of Your Soul's IntentionSetting Intentions, Setting the Container for our Healing Circle

11:11am ~ Opening the Vessel~ Grandmother Prayer Circle begins*

4pm Afternoon Session ~The Vessel ~ Water Blessing, Grounding in Music, Soul Work, Time for Integration

6pm ~ Nourishment ~ Healing Ayurvedic Dinner

7pm ~ Songs & Sharing with Ari Moshe Wolf & Michelle (Optional)

Sunday ~Sacred Prayer

Morning Prayer~ Optional Morning Practice time, Yoga, Prayers & Meditation & Breakfast/Tea & Coffee time

10am Morning Session ~ The Vessel ~ Ritual & Heart Healing Cacao Ceremony

11am ~ Nourishment ~ Healing Ayurvedic Brunch

12-2pm ~ Vessel Tending ~ Seeding Rebirth & Growth Astrology Transmission for 2024 & Closing Circle

This Retreat includes the opportunity for Private Integration Sessions with Lily or Private Astrology Sessions on Zoom before or following the Retreat.

Private Accommodations are available on Site with Limited Space on first come first serve basis, additional off site Places are available nearby. If you are local to the area, there is a drop in option available for participants. Space is limited to keep a small and intimate container for this work. If you are new to Grandmother Prayer work please get in touch before signing up.

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Wow! This is a beautiful offering Michelle! Do you have a link to the accommodations?

Also I would love to be connected to your friend that will provide they ayurvedic services.

I have been looking at doing a panchakarma retreat, so this would definitely check some of those boxes. I’m curious what she may also be able to add on for my personal experience. Thanks! xx

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