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Venus Pluto 2023 Class

Free Class from EA Zoom Meetings on Venus & Pluto in 2023

Intuitive Astrologer Michelle Dench ( will discuss the Transits of Venus and Pluto through the next 9 months of 2023, marking the critical Evolutionary transition of our Soul in Love & Relationship. This is an initiation of Humanity into a total system overhaul. At the core the evolutionary intention of souls at this time will face a Evolve or Resist crisis with the Nodal Axis shifting into Aries and Libra, with the Peak of the square to Pluto from July 17-26th. During August and September Venus will Retrograde through Leo, as the Ruler of the transiting south node her Retrograde is an important stage of growth in the soul journey, a Love Evolution as we know it.

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