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Venus Retrograde ~ Entering the Gates of Desire

In this video Michelle...talks about the Venus Retrograde ~ Entering the 5 gates of Desire. Her Retrograde begins on Sunday 12/19/21 at 26 degrees, after she's passed through the 1st gate ~ the first conjunction with Pluto. December 20th -25th she crosses the 2nd & 3rd Gate making the Retrograde conjunction with Pluto. Jan 8th/9th she crosses the 4th gate. March 2nd & 3rd she makes the final crossing of the 5th Gate and final conjunction to Pluto. March 6th she and Mars enter Aquarius.

At the end of the video you can learn more about the Soul Collective which begins in Jan 2022. For more details or to sign up go to The Soul Collective. Please like, share and subscribe!

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