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Week Ahead Apr 3-9th Big Libra Full Moon Feelings

Week Ahead Apr 3-9th Libra Full Moon Feelings, Grand water trine & Mercury enters Taurus and Squares Pluto

In this video Michelle talks about...this Libra Full moon week is a week that sets the stage for the next 20 years, we can feel the undercurrent of uncertainty and change. There is an opportunity to pay attention to the themes and conversations that are emerging in this time as clues and whispers from the divine. Mercury enters Taurus and squares Pluto while moving towards the North Node in Taurus. Mercury enters its retrograde shadow and there may be strong energy of the Goddess. There is a strong need for relationships and conversations to heal, resolve and dissolve in the waters of the grand trine formed by Mars in Cancer, the South Node in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces .

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