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Week Ahead: Aug 30th-Sept 5th Beginning the Soul Evolution Journey

Week Ahead: Aug 30th-Sept 5th 2022

Beginning the Soul Evolution Journey

In this video Michelle talks about...the Shadow work of the time with Mercury pre retrograde, opposite Jupiter Retrograde. This is a time of meeting the stuff that wants to come up with presence on the things that trigger us that gives space for something new to emerge. Moving to healing through the Mystic Rectangle this week that offers an opportunity for the past to be released as Venus enters Virgo. All things Retrograde makes now a great time to resolve the past with a new way of being, while attending to our own needs.

Major Transits

  • Venus Enters Virgo

  • Mercury Opposite Jupiter

  • Chiron Inconjunct South Node

  • Mystic Rectangle with Juno, South Node & Hygiea, Sun in Virgo, North Node in Taurus

Join me for the Free intro class for SOUL EVOLUTION ~ on Friday Sept 2nd at 10am PT Register here:

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