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Week Ahead Dec 11-19th Magic Happens

Magic Happens when you don't give up

In this video Michelle talks about...the Last Quarter phase of the Moon this week with the Astroid Goddesses, Hygiea, Ceres & Persephone, opposing Juno, Vesta & Diana. This is a good time to clean house, reflect and integrate the impact of the past so that we can move forward. There's an opportunity to focus on health, healing and mindset. Venus and Mercury are both in Capricorn and encouraging us to get to work on the foundation of our lives.

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Watch the Year Ahead Class:

The New Moon Ceremony for Capricorn is Dec 23rd at 10am PT, you can RSVP or purchase a drop in pass here:

Join me for the Month Ahead transmission on Dec 30th at 11am PT for Month of January:

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