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Week Ahead: Dec 2nd-10th Venus Enters Scorpio Mercury Rx Shadow

In this video Michelle talks about...beginning with the Leo moon this weekend trine the Sun & Mars in Sag, as Venus moves to Square Pluto when the moon enters Virgo. The crisis in our lives is a crisis of Consciousness and transforming the core foundations of our lives. Expansion, Contraction is the theme for the week as Venus moves in to closing cycle and the dark time of the moon, offers a clearing time for Humility, for Purification, for Letting go. Mercury is in the Shadow degrees of 8 Capricorn to 22 Sag, moving to resolve the Past for once and for all.

In this free Introduction class, taught by Kristin Fontana, Ari Moshe Wolfe and joined by Rose Marcus, Jason Holley, Bradley Naragon and Rav Chahal, we delved deeply into the meaning of the 8 phases according the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green.

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