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Week Ahead: Feb 12-20th Natural Love ~Venus Neptune Mars Chiron Scorpio Moon YOD

In this video Michelle talks about...this week beginning with a YOD ~ Finger of God aspect with Mars, Chiron and the Moon South Node In scorpio. While we are looking at the shadows of the past, the roots of where we feel the loss of Love, there is healing possible. Letting go of our ideas of Love, that stem from our conditioning of what's "Normal" versus what is Natural to us.

💜 Self Love could Heal the world, Not from an Egoic perspective, from a True Self the Truth that we are Love, made of Love.

💜 True Love accepts all and encompasses all, it cannot separate or reject

Tonight When Venus and Neptune come together we may be able to access the compassion and frequency of divine love, just long enough to be with the higher self, the LOVING self, the Healing power of Love cannot be denied, and most of what we are healing from was not love at all. The grief of the heart is evidence of Love, the presence of Love in loss...Love is Eternal and always remains in all ways.

💜"Bring Me a Higher Love", a Love that fills me all ways in all ways, because only that will satisfy

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