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Week Ahead: Full Moon Eclipse Week Nov 6th -13th

In this video Michelle talks about...the calling for this week of Leaning into Love, while we are in Eclipse season, we need to focus on the call to Love. This means embracing the darkness as a place of creation and resolution of the past.

This Lunation cycle from New Moon to Full Moon and back to New is a Powerful portal of change with a Solar eclipse in Scorpio on Oct 25th and a Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8th 2022, the Eclipse Transmission is a complete teaching on Eclipses of 2022 and the healing portal.

Join astrologers, Michelle Dench and Martha Hines, for a special experiential workshop to explore the archetypes of Dark Goddesses and the healing experience of "releasing" those energies in ourselves and in our world.

The power, energy, sexuality, and life of the "dark" side of the feminine has been suppressed, shunned, and pushed away, both collectively and in our personal psyches, over the past centuries.

We are now remembering the healing importance of these energies in ourselves and in our world. This workshop is an opportunity to come together in a sacred space to explore some of these "dark goddess" energies, to reawaken aspects of them in ourselves, and to feel their healing effects unfold in ourselves and in our lives.

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