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Week Ahead: Jan 8-15th Radical Changes & loosing Stability in the Known

Ari & I have a spontaneous talk on Uranus direct & Pluto entering Aquarius in A fun way and bringing the Radical change we are seeking

In this video Michelle talks about...the strength of the Capricorn closing cycle that includes a New Moon conjunct Pluto with the Sun in Square to the Nodal axis. This is a closing cardinal crossroads which is inviting us to release the past while committing ourselves to the Unknown in a new way.

Join me for the Capricorn New Moon Ceremony, by joining any level of my community offerings, Rebirth, Growing Together and Evolution: use the code: SelfLove for $15 off any level of membership if you need it.

Rebirth is the journey to take with me in 2024 ~ there are three tiers of participation


Rebirth ~ Tier 1 ~ $95 a month for 12 months for which includes:

  • A monthly intensive class & ceremony 

  • 2 Small Group mentorship sessions per month ~Growing together & Rebirth

  • Monthly Ceremony & Transmissions 

  • Quarterly Astrology Master Classes 

  • Opening Ritual, Integration & Closing Retreats*

  • ***Optional Add on 4 (or 8) Private Soul Sessions with Michelle 

*April & November retreats will be available on Zoom or in Person, In person travel & lodging costs are not included

Pay in Full Here ~ Full Year Discount $995

Join Ari Moshe Wolfe & I in Paris, for a day of Astrology. All the details here

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