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Week Ahead July 8-15th Death of the old, New Moon in Cancer

Week Ahead July 8-15th Death of the old, New Moon in Cancer

In this video Michelle talks about...Mars at the culminating degrees of Leo and moving, with the moon moving to the last quarter phase, marking an important culmination of energies.

This week Mars enters Virgo, and this begins the phase of Mars separating from Venus as she prepares to slow down turn around and go back in to her heart cave, to do her works.

This week I touched on touchy and sensitive topics, and the further I get into the week the more I feel the sensitivity that I was touching...Cancer New Moon in a Closing Lunar node cycle, is not for the faint of heart... We are not faint of heart though my friends We who can feel our tenderness are developing strength We who can face our resistance, our shame and our shadow are becoming equipt with the training in humanness to walk the narrow passage from this realm to another... We who face fears, and steady ourselves in the waves of change are learning a love of life that brings peace in the chaos We end this week with a New Moon that stirs within something so foundational to life itself, its seed is life itself, the new life within the being that you are becoming, you, the tender, beautiful, messy, amazing, complex soul filled being of love that you are...

Evolution Students, Love Evolution & Soul Apprentices we have our New Moon Ceremony on Monday July 17th at 12pm PST. This potent New Moon is a deep opportunity for healing our most tender, vulnerable parts, I hope you will join me Live to Pray and Share in this transmission. Zoom Link will be sent out to you Friday.

If you missed the Venus Rules the Nodes class you can watch the replay here:

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