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Week Ahead: June 11-18th Venus Jupiter Square & Gemini New Moon

In this video Michelle talks about...the Venus Jupiter square brings up the change, bringing us into greater alignment through change, crisis or expansion. Good question: is What am I not doing that I would be doing if I was living the way that I want?

Join me for the New Moon Ceremony Saturday at 9am PST with the Evolution Student Membership:

Usually I offer these Ceremonies in the first light of the new moon, instead this time we are in the Closing light of the Moon, inviting a Letting Go. Today I listened to this Podcast from Mel Robbins about how to Let Go: which really sums this up so well, Consider this, what single thing could you let go of in your way of thinking that would allow you to love your life more than ever before?

Looking forward to coming together Saturday.


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