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Week Ahead: Leo New Moon ~ The Call to Love

In this video Michelle talks about...the call to Evolution through Cooperation & Resistance, as we have entered the Underworld with Venus as she passed through the Heart of the Sun last week. With this Leo New Moon the mantra is Follow the Longings of the Heart, give Peace of Mind, and Let us Join together.

You are invited to join me Friday at 10am PST for a Free Introduction to the Next 6 months journey of Love Evolution ~

If you are interested in joining me for the Growing Together Group Mentoring you can find out more here:

100 % of my Instant Reading proceeds on Astrology Hub this week will be donated to Maui families, Join me for Live insight:

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This 6 month Class series will tune into the Path to Union of the Feminine, ending with Venus Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius. This Powerful New Phase Conjunction will be the completion f a 1 year Journey we Have been on following the Venus cycles from her conjunction with the North Node to her Retrograde and the Heart of the Pluto Square with the Nodal Access.

Each Monthly group class will be 90 min, tuning into the Transit of Venus, the relationship to Pluto transformation and the Path to Union. Every month includes a Live transmission, Chart practice, Embodiment & Heart Coherence.

The Venus Cycles Classes

Leo Juno~ Sept 8th

Libra Eclipsing ~ Oct 13th

Libra Venus ~Nov 10th

Scorpio Venus ~Dec 8th

Sagittarius Venus ~Jan 12th

Aquarius Venus/Pluto ~Feb 16th

All classes are 90 min from 10-11:30am PST on the dates listed. Classes will be recorded and the Group will be receiving special Embodiment & Heart Coherence sessions for each month. The Class series includes Access to the monthly New Moon Ceremony

There will be a free introduction class on August 16th for those who are interested in learning more about the Venus Pluto journey and the Path to Union. You can sign up for the Free Class here:

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