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Week Ahead: Oct 16-22nd Mercury Messages & Evolution

In this video Michelle talks about...the week ahead which includes Mercury making a superior conjunction to the sun and crossing the south node, we are working on communication and listening that will ultimately evolve us in the deeper soul work. We are evolving during this time. Please like, share and subscribe!

This Master Class will introduce the Planetary Phases in Astrology as Taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green in Evolutionary Astrology. In the Pluto Books JWG introduces the Phases that planets make in Aspect to one another. In this Master Class we will look at the Evolutionary intention of each aspect/phase and the gifts, and challenges of the Dance that those Planetary Evolutions bring. The Class will include resources for looking at the Phases in your own natal chart and understanding what the Evolutionary intention is with the particular Phasal relationship. Class will be recorded and include a Resource guide and time for Chart Practice with Participants.

This class is Included freely with the Growing Together Membership, choose the Free ticket when registering for the class, and is $30 for all others, and discounted $15 for Love Evolution and Current Soul Apprentice students.

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