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Week Ahead: Sept 11-18th Venus Juno New Moon

In this video Michelle talks about...the Venus Juno conjunction that perfects as we prepare for the New Moon in Virgo, looking at the past, cleaning up and resolving the life through our service devotion to Love, to God, to Our Creator.

To Join Love Evolution: This 6 month Class series will tune into the Path to Union of the Feminine, ending with Venus Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius. This Powerful New Phase Conjunction will be the completion of a 1 year Journey we Have been on following the Venus cycles from her conjunction with the North Node to her Retrograde and the Heart of the Pluto Square with the Nodal Access.

Each Monthly group class will be 90 min, tuning into the Transit of Venus, the relationship to Pluto transformation and the Path to Union. Every month includes a Live transmission, Chart practice, Embodiment & Heart Coherence.

The Venus Cycles Classes Leo Juno~ Sept 8th Libra Eclipsing ~ Oct 13th Libra Venus ~Nov 10th Scorpio Venus ~Dec 8th Sagittarius Venus ~Jan 12th Aquarius Venus/Pluto ~Feb 16th All classes are 90 min from 10-11:30am PST on the dates listed. Classes will be recorded and the Group will be receiving special Embodiment & Heart Coherence sessions for each month. The Class series includes Access to the monthly New Moon Ceremony

To Join Growing Together: This Monthly Group is an intentional container for practice and growth. We will tune into the Natal Chart, Growing as an Astrologer or Growing in your Gifts, Medicine and Service to the World. You don't have to want to be an Astrologer to join the group, in our container we will bring forth the Individual callings of our Path and focus on the Practice, the Accountability and the Insight to Grow Together.

Group Sessions are 90 min, Date & Times to be set by the Group, Classes will be recorded and the Group will be receiving special guidance transmission for each month. The Class series includes Access to the monthly New Moon Ceremony. Additionally Growing Together Participants will Receive Access to a Quarterly Masterclass to dive deeply into a specific topic.

If you are a past or current Love Evolution Student you will receive an additional discount for doing both Groups.

There are two options: Full Pay is $250 for the 6 months, or monthly pay $45, if you are interested in joining the Growing together Group and Love Evolution, you can do both, and there's an option for a discount for both if you need that support.

Existing Love Evolution Students can use the code: LOVER for $50 the Full pay option or the code: SelfLove for $15 off of the Monthly Pay option

*If you are in need of financial support for any reason, please feel free to use the code SelfLove, or if there's any way you need to be supported otherwise email me

Private Apprentice Sessions are available to group members at a discount 15-45min sessions, which can be booked online at anytime here:

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