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Week Ahead: Sept 18-25th New Moon in Libra Equinox Shifting

Week Ahead: Sept 18th-25th New Moon in Libra & Equinox Shifting

In this video Michelle talks about...The return of Mercury to Virgo and the Shift of the Sun in to Libra. We have an opportunity to shed old thinking. The addictions to separation that we face within give rise to the parts of us that feel powerless to change. WE are Change, We are Changing and as we give up past thinking and seeking love outside ourselves we may find the truth inside, then we can see Love. We can see the mess in our lives as an endless opportunity to let go of the ways of thinking that no longer work for us.

"When we stop seeking love outside, we will find truth inside and see Love everywhere"

Join me for the New Moon Ceremony, you can sign up for the Moon Membership and Join me for the Monthly New Moon Ceremony or Drop in to the New Moon in Libra ceremony on Tuesday 9/27 at 10am PT.

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