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Week Ahead: Upper Limit problems with Saturn, Chiron and Healing

Week Ahead: March 5th-12th Facing Upper Limit problems with Saturn, Chiron and Healing the Wounds within

In this video Michelle talks about...the Upper Limit problems of Fears, Blocks and Limitations to our growth and healing journey. This week Saturn goes into Pisces on March 7th, and Jupiter joins with Chiron on March 10th & 11th for a week as tender as this we may final be pushed to the limits of our healing journey only to open to a new teacher, healer or faith that emerges from within the deepest wounds we carry.

Join me for the Healing with Chiron mini Master class on Friday March 10th at 12pm PST details, discounts and access for all to join. There are ticket prices for all Access levels

This Mini Master class will be a Live Transmission on Chiron the wounded healer and Practical application of Chiron healing through the Evolutionary Lens of the Birth Chart. We will look at the Archetype of Chiron, path of Becoming the Healer, The teacher and brining forth our Gifts and the Medicine that heals our wounds through the Astrology of Chiron. There will be a Live transmission and time for Q&A and practical chart application. You do not have to attend Live ~ The recording will be sent to all participants. Discount Applied for all Evolution Student & Soul Apprentice & Evolution Class Students, Pay what you can level.

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