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Week ahead with Michelle ~Dec. 26th -Jan 2nd 2022

In this week ahead Michelle talks about the Venus Pluto conjunction, the Jupiter ingress into Pisces and Jupiter squaring the nodes. There's a powerful underlying desire energy moving us forward and new spiritual insight emerging from the Pluto transformation of our evolutionary journey.

The beginning of the year makes a start with the moon in Capricorn, marking the hard work ahead with the new moon on Sunday Jan 2nd. Join me for a New Year New Moon start. You can join the New Moon circle every Month, sign up here for the Moon Membership or Purchase a Drop in Here.

The new moon also begins the Soul Collective Monthly Circle. The Soul Collective is a container for Soul growth and Astrological learning and exploration beginning in January 2022. In this container we will explore Astrology, the Archetypal Feminine of the Asteroid Goddess and the calling of our personal evolution through ceremony, circle and creative practices.

In this 6 month container we will explore through our own birth chart, in ceremony circle and through creative practice:




~Pallas Athene



~Lilith & Black Moon Lilith

~The Moon

The Collective cost is $108 monthly Membership and includes a Monthly Channeling class on a Goddess, Monthly Chart Practice class and New Moon ceremony. In addition, participants will receive a monthly Creative practice with resources, music, reflections for the month and additional video content. Group Sessions are recorded and will be posted on the private member portal. Collective circle Sessions are on 1st & 3rd Friday’s of the Month at 11am PST. A Limited number of Scholarships are available, please email me if you need support and wish to join the container.

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