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Week Ahead ~ Aug 22nd-28th New Moon in Virgo

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Week Ahead ~ Aug 22nd-28th New Moon in Virgo

In this video Michelle talks about...the week ahead which offers a space for clearing out and preparing our minds for a new life, a new ground of thinking. With Mars in gemini and mercury moving into Libra this week we are beginning the trail of the upcoming Retrograde cycle. The focus is on the use of the mind to organize our lives for more Joy, more creative self expression and discipline that leads to the liberation from depression.

New Moon Blessings! Join me on Saturday at 10am for the New moon in Virgo Ceremony. Sign up for the Monthly Moon Membership and Join the New Moon Ceremony: https://www.goddessastrologycollectiv... or Purchase a drop in here:

Take a deep dive into the Soul growth of Pluto as it moves into Aquarius over the next 6 months. We will explore Pluto & the Shadow, Soul work, and our deepest Desire. Join me for the Soul Evolution Class series beginning in Sept.

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