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Week Ahead ~ End of 2022 ~Mercury Retrograde Reflections

Week Ahead ~ Ending 2022 Mercury Retrograde Reflections

In this video Michelle talks about...the reflections on the close of 2022 with Mercury stationing Retrograde with Venus. The year ends with Mercury Retrograde inviting us to really complete with the past. With the Moon aligning to the North Node on Jan 1, 2023 we have a lunar start ruled by Venus, and this invites our commitment to learning and becoming our whole selves, free from expectations.

You can watch the Capricorn New Moon transmission here:

Blessings on the New Year! May your intentions, prayers, and desires be received in the new year in body, mind, heart & soul.

You can join me for the Month Ahead transmission beginning this Friday Dec 30th at 10am, details and registration for the Evolution Student Membership details can be found here.

The Evolution Student Membership includes access to a Month Ahead transmission, the Live Monthly New Moon ceremony and the Student Q&A all for $11 a month.

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