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Week Ahead ~ May 30th-June 5th New Moon in Gemini

Week Ahead~May 30th-June 5th New Moon in Gemini

In this video Michelle talks about...Week Ahead May 30th -June 5th 2022The New Moon in Gemini begins the week ahead~by the end of the week Mercury turns Direct & Saturn turns retrograde. In this new light we maybe seeking clarity and new thoughts and shifts to refine our lives so that the work we have done has brought us to the calling of our lives.

New Moon in Gemini

We have a New Moon in the early morning hours, brining the beginning of a week which shifts gear with Mercury stationing direct and Saturn stationing Retrograde.

Clarity is being called forth for the path ahead is filled with uncertainty,

the lighter the baggage the easier it goes'

As the river winding is both fast and slow. We can't know where we are going but the past it tells us so, the old story is finished and the new one's not yet a go...

Green lights are fading and light bulbs might blow, if we walk in the darkness then trust the stars still glow....

There's still time to register for the New Moon ceremony Monday at 11am PT, registration links are posted below.

Much Love,


We have a New Moon Ceremony Monday May 30th at 11am PST, you can register to join here:

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