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Week Ahead~ Aug 8th -15th Full Moon Lion's Gate portal

Week Ahead~ Aug 8th -15th Full Moon in Aquarius & Lion's Gate portal

The intensification of the Full Moon in Aquarius squaring the Nodes brings gravity to the joy and suffering of our lives. During this Lion's gate portal the power of Polarization is strong and bringing to the surface all of the vulnerability of changes that are moving through our lives. As we change, then we can see more clearly our core soul work and the true safety and stability of Love to guide us through waves of change.

Many people believe this to be a powerful time for manifestation, and as we think so do we create. Let's focus this powerful energy on being clear what we choose to create in our lives. Love, Joy and Peace should be the "Test" for whether we are growing or releasing something. Look out for the releasing, loss and fear that is showing up, as that is also part of the focus test. If we are dealing with something once again we are being given a second chance to deal with something different. Mark Art & Love not War.

Next week I will be on Astrology Hub's Weekly Weather, with Amanda Pua Walsh, you can watch the broadcast on Monday Aug. 15th:

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