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Week Ahead~June 14th-21st Full Moon to Solstice

Week Ahead~June 14th-21st Full Moon to Solstice

In this video Michelle talks about...the week ahead which begins with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and ends with the Solstice change of the Sun into Cancer. This is a week that holds a culmination of a particular journey while bringing in a change of Seasons, to Cancer season.

This week also begins the week long Re-becoming the One Symposium hosted by my friend Martha Alter Hines, which includes an Opening Ceremony on Tuesday June 14th at 10am. You'll find more information and free registration below.

Join me and over thirty wonderful speakers for a free, online symposium called Re-Becoming the One: Healing Our Relationships to Gender, Sexuality, Love, and Life Itself. It will be held from June 14 – June 21, 2022.

This symposium offers an opportunity for us each to bring all of ourselves (as mind, heart, body, spirit, soul, Earth, cosmos, and the divine) to our role in healing ourselves and in being healing and change agents in this world.

This symposium acknowledges the crucial moment we are in, as individuals and as a collective. Our world is steeped in tragedy on many levels AND at the same time, we are at a turning and choice point where we each can choose to “be the change that we need.”

The speakers in this symposium address the healing of our relationships to gender and sexuality and draw the connections between the healing of gender and sexuality to the larger context of the needs of our world with regard to social and environmental healing of all kinds.

Most conversations around the healing of gender tend to be focused on either "the masculine" or "the feminine" alone and also tend to be focused on the experiences of heterosexual and cisgender people.

This symposium brings together work being done on the healing and re-emergence of the divine feminine with work being done on the healing of the divine masculine. It then also contextualizes this healing work in a way that is explicitly inclusive and supportive of LGBTQIA+ identities.

The healing of our relationships to gender and sexuality are crucial, whatever our gender identities and sexual orientations are. This symposium welcomes and celebrates the inclusion of everyone, whether transgender, gender fluid, non-binary, cisgender, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and more.

If this inclusive healing work and conversation calls to you, please join us!

We are each needed in this crucial healing time.

You will receive a schedule and instructions for accessing the talks. They can be watched as is best for your schedule, both during those days and afterward.

Join us for this beautiful opportunity to heal ourselves, change our lives, and change our world.

Please forward to anyone who might benefit!

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