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Welcome to Love Evolution

Welcome Beloveds to Love Evolution

I am deeply honored that you have chosen to walk this path with me. It is no small thing to commit to learning to Love Fully with an Open heart, while Transforming the Ground of our relationship through the process of Deep Soul Evolution, this is the Pluto Venus work!!

You can watch the Welcome Video here:

For me, This path is leading towards Soul Union, the state in which we recognize our oneness with the Sacred Counterpart, the Beloved. While this can be understood on a spiritual level, it's rare to manifest in the physical without a whole lot of Soul Growth in Preparation. Relationship is Spiritual Practice.

Love, Unconditional Love, True Love is the deepest desire of the Soul, it is the calling to return to our Source

We begin tomorrow with the New Moon Ceremony, you can sign up Here:

Our Main Class ~ Transmission will occur once a month on Saturdays at 10am PST. All the dates are posted. You don't have to attend these live, however, if you are able to be present there will be time for unrecorded sharing and Q&A with those who are present.

If you haven't signed up for Love Evolution and you hear the call to join, you can sign up here:

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