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Solar System

What is Soul Work ?

The Soul Story

You are a Soul, you have been born here on Earth into a Body, a Family, a life to Remember Who You Are. Along this Soul journey you will meet other Souls, have relationships, maybe even birth new Souls in the world who call you Mama or Papa. The Soul journey is a Healing process, as we remember who we are, we are walking ultimately home, to Love, to the Source of all, to our true nature. We are waking up from a dream or forgetting, which leads me to the Soul work. This is the work we are each called to do in order to remember who we are and return home, to wake up to the Love that we are. We don't have to walk alone or do this work in isolation. Together we can wake up, let go and learn to Love. 

Monthly Transmission & Live Student Q&A with Michelle 

From the End to the Beginning back to the End, From New Moon to Full Moon to the New Again 🌝🌚🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌚

Join me for The Month Ahead, a full Transmission for the Month Ahead. We will gather every Last Friday of the Month at 10am PT, for the Month Ahead transmission.

Includes Access to the Live call, the Recording, and a Bonus New Moon Ceremony during the month is included all for $11 a Month.


Each transmission is 90 min, including and hour of astrology on the month ahead and 30 mins of Q&A and teaching on the Soul work & Astrology that we are living through.


🪐⚡️Learn about the Planetary energy, Learn about the Goddesses, Follow the Moon & her phases, and Deepen in your own growth with Astrology


😍🤩If you LOVE Astrology this is a great way to learn about the Transits, Build Community and Set intentions every month for your own Soul Growth.


Join me for the Evolution Student membership for $11 a month or Upgrade to the Evolution Apprentice and you get monthly semi-private mentoring with Me, to practice applying Astrology to your Birth chart for $111 per month;

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Enjoy Free Live Classes 

Book a Session

Soul Work can be done in a One on one private Session with your Natal birth chart as the map and Michelle as the guide & translator. 

Let’s Work Together

Reach out if you have questions 

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